Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

Hijabs - The Modern Faces Behind the Muslim Head Scarf

Muslim women started wearing hijabs or other head coverings centuries ago in order to keep in step with the modesty taught by their religion. However, with the passage of time, people started embracing the westernized way and covering the head no longer remained the center of focus for a number of Muslim women. There are a number of famous Muslim women that also endorse the fact that covering the head is not a sign of oppression or fundamentalism. From news anchors to political activist, scholars to scientists, a large number of famous Muslim women proudly wear their hijabs in public and feel more confident while covering their heads.
Maryum Jameelah is another prime example of the modern women supporting headscarves. Maryum was the first American Jewish woman to convert to Islam.

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A lot of people in the west will refer to the Muslim clothing as burqa. Some Muslim ladies only wear black, some Muslim women covers their faces, some Muslim women wear specific regional types of clothing, and some Muslim women mix it all together. Clothes Muslim have grown to be really cool currently, the young are designing really cool blend for appealing Islamic attire. Muslim Online clothing Stores are blossoming, more and more fashionable, decent and modest clothes are being presented worldwide. You can easily end that Muslim clothing is simple and attractive, giving it a rising acceptance among Muslim citizens at present.